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par un voyageur vérifié de CA

Terrible and Disgusting. Bedbugs!

Publié le 1 sept. 2016
Les + : Nothing.
Les - : Everything.
Situation : Sketchy neighborhood.
This hotel is awful. It felt very unsafe. Among other things, there were bedbugs in the room. When I realized I was getting bitten by the bedbugs, I went to the front desk and asked for a refund. The person working there was incredibly rude and did not provide the refund. It was too late to find another place to stay so I agreed to move rooms. The room he moved me into had no door knob on the bathroom door and the door had been kicked in and graffiti all over the room. Will not come back.
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par un voyageur vérifié

No sleep whatsoever

Publié le 28 août 2016
First nice eas pleasant. I didnt sleep anything the second night due to people on the second floor. All night long stomping and banging on the floor. Pacing back and forth. Only someone on drugs would be doing all that pacing. They did it all night long. Too many hoodlums.
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par un voyageur vérifié

If u don't have any fear on ur life

Publié le 19 juil. 2016
The place is horrible , people smoke weed and inject heroine on the street , right in front of it there alot of gangs, there was a guy literaly that offered me weed if I wanna buy in in front of the manager of the hotel, alot of prostitutes and junkies, I hated the place is not safe for anyone and I don't thing any one with a descent life thst can fit right there
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par un voyageur vérifié

We showed up. Viewed the room. Left.

Publié le 17 juil. 2016
There were gangs prostitutes and street people hanging out. The room had wires hanging from the ceiling where the fire alarm should have been. The room smelled like an ashtray. The only chair was disgustingly stained. There was graffiti on the wall. No wonder why there's no refunds or canellations!
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par Michael de Sacramento

Seriously run down property

Publié le 14 juin 2016 sur Hotels
Room lacked reading lights, cold water out of the tap (hot only). Ineffective airconditioner cools room down to about 76 degrees, shuts off, cycles loudly back on after a few minutes, nonstop: wholly inadequate and incompatible with sleep. Marginally adequate parking. Property has apparently experienced so many thefts it no longer tries to keep up. Cleaning about the same as other motels of this grade. Service adequate at the clerk window.
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par un voyageur vérifié de CA


Publié le 31 mai 2016
Had broken chair in it, neibor hood sucks, room next to us partied all night and manager never came to tell them anything. Worse experience I've ever had at a hotel.
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par un voyageur vérifié

motel to stay in filth

Publié le 13 mai 2016 sur Hotels
the room was filthy... the sheets had stains, the white door had stains, the restroom had boogers stuck to the wall, blood marks, no towels and the room stank. when asked to move to another hotel they refused, blamed me for the loss of their towels and did not seem to care that their room was filthy. never again will i come back to such nasty place... hotel refused to refund.
Commentaire laissé par : Direction de l'hôtel
23 juil. 2016 par Rina, Direction de l'hôtel
Thank you for staying with us. We will check into the room condition. Also we apologize that our maintenance did not meet your expectation. We will discuss this with our management team and look into improving our system.
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par un voyageur vérifié de Los Angeles

This can't be Happening!

Publié le 22 avr. 2016
Les + : Landscaping is kept up
Les - : Everything
I stayed at the Hyland Motel on 4/20/2016. I Walked into the room around 10pm and killed two roaches within 2 minutes. Floor was dirty, walls were just plain filthy. There was water on the bathroom floor. The Window A/c unit didn't have knobs on it and was set to "FAN" Mode. There was a couch/chair in the corner with more stains on it than any other cushion chair I have ever seen in my life. I Put the bed Cover on the cadenza and started scouring for bed bugs. Didn't see one , but decided to sleep on the sheet, which I found one long hair on. I keep my clothes on and put T-shirts over the pillows. I kept my phone on me so I could use the flashlight to check for bedbugs every 30 minutes or so. Finally fell asleep for about an hour. Woke up and turned on the flashlight, "BINGO" bedbugs scattered ..I grabbed my stuff and slept the rest of the night in my car (NO LIE). And if you don't believe me, they have security cameras on the cars. I Went back in the room in the morning to shower (Another Horror story) and get dressed. I Informed the clerk about my stay and got the hell out of there! Don't even want my money back (Seriously)! Just can't believe there are still motel in this condition. Guess it's what I get for bargain hunting a 1 night stay! Expedia, Please remove this hotel from the hotel selection ASAP!
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par Geunhyeong de Federal Way

So So

Publié le 17 avr. 2016 sur Hotels
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par un voyageur vérifié

Publié le 12 avr. 2016
The room was a non-smoking room that reeked of cigarette smoke with ash trays. They gave me 1 towel only. There were no amenities at ALL!!