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par S de Florida

Convenient but not worth it

Publié le 21 avr. 2014
Les + : The location is great, but that is all that is good.
Les - : EVERYTING can be improved. Bathroom was filthy with something on the back of the doors and floor. Like someone had thrown up.
Situation : Nice location
Rooms were very filthy and beds were terribly hard.
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pour Tout le monde
par Sylvia de GA

Very close to MSU campus

Publié le 20 avr. 2014
Les - : There were paper cups wrapped in plastic that would indicate having a coffee pot in the room but there was no coffee pot. The hair dryer didn't work.
Situation : The location is great - very near the campus. There is a small shopping area across the street where food would be available.
Our stay was during Bulldog Bash so like every other hotel in Starkville we paid more than the going rate. The rooms are basic but everything was clean. The beds were very comfortable.
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par Billy de Georgia

Earlier negative reviews confirmed....

Publié le 15 avr. 2014
Les + : I slept well in the bed.
Les - : New management, hire dependable maid service and maintenance people.
Situation : It's very near the campus of MSU.
The hotel sign said, "Free wi-fi, newly renovated rooms". Well in my case, neither was true. Wifi was non-existent, room was not renovated at all - TV was one of the old huge boxes that only got 6 channels, hair dryer was falling off the wall, drain plug in the sink was in 2 pieces and didn't work. I could go on and on. Add to that: stayed there 2 nights and maid service never showed up once. Ran out of towels, ran out of toilet paper. Took showers in calf deep water. Ran out of hot water at 8 in the morning. Microwave had dried food on the turntable when we arrived. I'm not sure I would classify 2 types of cereal and a gallon jug of milk as a contintental breakfast, but that's what they had.
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par un voyageur vérifié

Didn't have a Phone or towel in the room

Publié le 14 avr. 2014
Les + : People were friendly
Les - : Check up after their housekeeping each day. Hire a contractor to make sure they put phone lines in the rooms.
Couldn't call for more towels didn't have a phone in the room
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par Chris de Mississippi

Never Staying There Again

Publié le 8 nov. 2013
Les + : Nothing
Les - : Tear it down and rebuild. Train the staff on how to clean a room properly.
The room was very dated and had several issues: At some point a beer had been put in the freezer of the small refrigerator by another guest and it had burst then froze. The refrigerator smelled awful. The staff has not cleaned it in a while. I could not keep anything cool because I didn't want it in there. The towel rack was falling off the wall. The bed was very old and uncomfortable. The TV was old and had very poor cable signal. The furniture had stains all over the seats and the table was in very rough shape. The curtains did not provide full coverage to the bottom of the window, so anyone could crouch down and see into the room. The water from the shower and sink was brown. Overall the room was disgusting and I have slept in some seedy places after 21 years in the Navy. This room ranks at the top of the worst I have ever seen. Had I not been in a time constraint I would have switched hotels.
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par un voyageur vérifié

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par un voyageur vérifié

Bad Review

Publié le 28 oct. 2013
Les + : No much
Les - : To have the things that are in the room work correctly
Situation : several decent places to eat around the area.
When I arrived and checked in the clerk was very polite and friendly. I went to the room assigned to me to find it had not been cleaned and was in horrible shape. I went back to the desk and asked for another room which I was assigned quickly. This room was clean and decent, however the wireless never did work. I went to turn on the tv to find that the remote only worked to turn the volume up and down, to change channels I had to get up and use the buttons on the TV itself. The rates were raised due to a game in town that night even though there were only a few customers staying there. I will not stay at another America's Best.
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par un voyageur vérifié

Better Than Some

Publié le 27 oct. 2013
Les - : Fix toilet seat & door. Provide amenities.
Door would lock but had 1/2 inch gap at bottom. Could pull locked toward inside of room & about 1/2 inch of door was inside. Had to place table against door to keep door totally closed for sense of security as well as keep cold air out. Amenities normally provided at most places, such as shampoo, rinse, conditioner, blow dryer, coffee maker, etc., were lacking. Only had two towels, medium size, & two wash towels, were in the room. Had about 8 tv stations provided on cable. Of the 8 controls on the wall HVAC, 3 knobs were missing including the one that changed from heat to air or reverse. 2 plastic cups were provided. Toilet seat was not firmly attached so that it slid when one sat on it. Saw live roach in shower.
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par Bill de Indian Springs, AL

Old, Run Down Motel

Publié le 8 oct. 2013
Les + : The blueberry muffin for breakfast!
Les - : Tear it down!
Situation : There is nothing to do nearby!
This motel appears to be an old, abandoned hotel that has been re-opened by applying a coat of paint and replacing the toilets. It was fairly clean, however.
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par MS to Atl de Atlanta, GA

Worth only half the $60 I paid for it

Publié le 10 sept. 2013
Les + : The soft pillows and the marble-like bathroom flooring was nice.
Les - : Overall - cleanliness and appearance
Situation : Great location for walking-distance restaurants but make sure to use crosswalks or redlight. Busy hiway.
Arrival time: around 5pm Customer service: I guess I stood at the desk long enough after getting the room key for the clerk to ask if I needed a receipt. Hmm...sure!! Shouldnt that be a part of protocol especially since I paid with cash? Outside: looks moldy and out of business. Needs a paint job. Pool water was dingy Room: I know what I paid for but I'm pretty sure neither of the 2 pillowcases had been changed. They were very wrinkled as if someone had just awakened from a nap on them. They were also very dingy and stained, almost brown. I didnt want me or my boyfriend (who arrived later) to lay our heads on them so I I took the cases off and we slept on the surprisingly bleach white pillows themselves. At least they were soft. The fridge wasnt sparkling either. One of the dirty racks lay crookedly to the side as if broken but it just hadnt been put back into the groove that was made to hold it. Bathroom: By the time I finished my 6min shower, the water was ankle deep-slow drainage. Light switches on the wall were very dirty. I didnt want to touch them. Internet: Boyfriend had a few emails to send on his laptop but the Wifi internet connection was worthless. Signal was at one bar and webpages didnt pull up...glad I have on-the-go hotspot service with T-Mobile. Tv: was fine but no channel guide available